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About us

Photo courtesy of Yelp.

It's a Family Thing

     I bet you're tired of hearing it, but it's true! It's a business that has been able to thrive because of family and community support; that's how small businesses are able to succeed, and it's how Tavial has and will continue to flourish. Their family stance creates a friendly, warm environment for all who decide to visit.



      Tavial Grill's owner, Tanis, opened the restaurant in the fall of 2014. When he was a kid, his family owned their own restaurant. He frequently helped out, in any way he could, gaining thorough experience. So, when he decided to open his own place, it wasn't much of a surprise to the family, since it was almost literally in his blood. It's been quite the ride, with incredible response from the community, and continues to serve high-quality, authentic Mexican food that will satisfy any craving to this day. 

One burrito at a time

     Here at Tavial Grill you can expect only the dishes you would see everyday in the local spots in Mexico, in the restaurants you went to as a kid; experience the reliable taste of food made from recipes that have been in our family for generations. From hand cut and fried tortilla chips to Jamaica sweetened to perfection. These meals are authentic and traditional, the classics of a culture we proudly represent.

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