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Below is our classic menu. These are the most common plates made for events and their prices. If you wish to have something made from our menu that is not listed below, ask and we will more than gladly aid in arranging something for you and your party. 



About 3 Servings​

  • Asada/Steak - $21/lb

  • Birria/Shredded Beef - $21/lb

  • Pastor/Pork - $20/lb

  • Carnitas/Roasted Pork - $20/lb

  • Tinga/Chicken - $20/lb

  • Pico De Gallo - $11​​/lb

    • includes chips​

  • Guacamole - $14/lb

    • includes chips​

  • Tortilla Chips - $5.50/10oz


About 20 Servings

  • Rice Tray - $23/5lbs

  • Bean Tray - $23/5lbs

       Catering is one of our most popular features here at Tavial. We strive to accommodate to each event, making just what our customers need to make their special event even better with delicious Mexican food.

       Depending on the size of your party, we will need to know at least a few days in advance. If your event is approximately 80-100 people in size, 4-5 days in advance are required for notice. If your party exceeds 100 people, please know at least 1 week of notice is required. If you know your party will be of great size, the earlier you call to schedule with us the better.

To book a date or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call. We look forward to hearing from ​you!

Phone: (651) 298 - 1000

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